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Not only will you have the opportunity to work on unusual projects, but we will help you focus on the things you enjoy, inside a team where everyone works to achieve the same goal.

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Being part of the herd

As part of the herd, your input is crucial. The vibe in the office is easy and friendly. We like to being close to our people. The team always comes first: our herd sticks together. Every three months, we go out together to reaffirm the bond that links us. It could be a quiet dinner, a VR game, an escape room, or even a weekend abroad... Just as long as it’s fun-filled!
We are intent that you should have a good work-life balance that fulfils your needs. We don’t have a 9-5 mentality and epitomise flexibility! With the right understanding of both parties’ expectations when we meet (online), we lay down solid foundations together. Are you a digital nomad who likes to visit other places to work? Feel free!
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Open application

You’d like to be part of the herd, but there isn’t a job offer that matches your profile? Fear not, for we are constantly looking for highly motivated developers to reinforce our team. So, if you’re a software architect, project manager, tester or developer looking for a new experience, we want to meet you!

Join the Herd!

.NET developer

We are looking for a full stack .NET developer who would fit perfectly into our herd:

You are enthusiastic and eager to learn. “Will do” is one of your favourite phrases, you are flexible and always ready to lend your colleagues a helping hand. At Digital Herd, we like helping one other to the next rung. Do you want to work in our united team on interesting, challenging software projects? Variety is key! Do you prefer long-term projects or are you looking for variety? We’ll take this into account.

Our biggest aim? Really hearing you and ensuring that your work brings you as much pleasure and excitement as possible. A happy employee is a happy customer.

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