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As a CHILI publish partner, we can help you integrate and implement CHILI publisher in the best possible way to free your graphics and marketing teams from repetitive tasks.
CHILI publish is a powerful Creative Automation platform for creating smart templates for both print and digital output. It fits seamlessly into any stack or system. Plus, lockable elements and API connections to your data ensure content is always on brand. Create ready-to-use artwork in seconds for almost any digital print process and digital ad or ecommerce platform.

Our Expertise

We are focused on integrating the Sitecore Content Hub and CHILI publisher. Since our team created the connector between the two software platforms, our experience speaks for itself. We also implemented CHILI publisher for one of the largest beverage companies in the world, which gives us the necessary operational experience to help you with everything concerning CHILI publisher.

Our Services

Our main goal is to get you a fluent start with CHILI publisher. We will analyze your specific use case and implement CHILI publish to fit your needs. Next, we offer integration services with the Sitecore Content Hub as our main integration point.

CHILI Publisher and Sitecore Content Hub CHILI Publisher is the ideal partner for the Sitecore Content Hub when it comes to simplifying and automating the production of graphical assets.

With Sitecore Web-to-Print, marketers can use CHILI Smart templates, and can set, create, and automatically generate visuals matching their brand, instead of relying on external software requiring them to leave Sitecore Content Hub.

Combining CHILI Publisher’s editing tools with sophisticated DAM functionality, like saved searches and collections in Sitecore Content Hub, makes for a solid partnership comprising the entire journey from content creation to print. Discover how Sitecore and CHILI publish can transform your content creation and delivery into one seamless, connected journey. In this webinar recording you will learn how to:

  • Get content out of the channel
  • Redefine the content creation process
  • Convert graphics into smart templates
  • Integrate the enterprise content landscape
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