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As the original Sitecore Content Hub architects, we know the product inside and out, and we are the perfect partner for all your Sitecore Content Hub services.
Sitecore Content Hub™ unifies content planning, production, collaboration, and management with a single, integrated solution.

Our Expertise

With a combined experience of 50 years working with the Sitecore Content Hub, we not only helped build the product from the ground up but also took part in customer implementation from start to finish.
We were involved in every aspect and area of the product development. Our lead architects analysed and developed all the different components, such as DAM, MRM, CMP, and DRM.

Lead architects of our Content Hub team

Koen De Ryck
Koen was one of STYLELABS’ first employees, a company acquired by Sitecore a couple of years ago, which means that he was a part of the Sitecore Content Hub journey from day one. He started implementing projects, focusing on providing the customer with the perfect solutions matching their requirements. Afterwards, he was appointed lead architect of the MRM module, helping design and develop its many exceptional features allowing you to manage your marketing planning and creative collaboration in the best way possible.
Kristof Deneyer
After the implementation of a DAM for Ubisoft, Kristof was one of the first architects working on the Sitecore Content Hub. His contribution to the analysis and creation of the search, distribution, and media conversion functionalities proved crucial. Later, he worked as the architect and team leader for the Content Marketing Platform, which allows you to streamline content production and optimize content use and distribution.
Stijn Verest
Project Implementations / Analysis
Stijn started as a project manager executing business analysis for some of the largest companies in the world, such as Microsoft and Coca-Cola. This gave him valuable insight into performing large-scale migrations, metadata analysis and setup, and managing a Sitecore Content Hub implementation from A to Z. Soon after this enriching experience, he joined the analysis team of the product where he especially focused on launching the content creation and CMP component.
Jasper Tack
State Machine / Project Implementations
Like the others, Jasper got his first experience on the implementation projects, which is a fantastic way of becoming familiar with customer needs and expectations. In this role, he helped with the implementations of BMS and Victoria’s Secret. He then joined the product team, where he played a pivotal role in the Marketing Resource Management section.
Maarten Vandendoorent
Media processing / Project Implementations
Maarten was one of the lead developers for the different Sitecore Content Hub implementations for various international customers, such as Microsoft. Afterwards, he was part of the team who analysed and developed the CHILI publish integration for Coca-Cola’s Content Hub implementation. Very cleverly, he used that knowledge to develop a generic CP integration on the product side for reusability in subsequent implementations. Then, he continued working on the product team responsible for media processing, integrations/upgradability, and DevOps as the team lead.

Our Services

We offer you services regarding all aspects of the Sitecore Content Hub. We can be by your side from the very start, with the implementation and migration stages, but are also there to complete specific tasks throughout the product lifecycle with upgrades, integrations and extensions.


The Sitecore Content Hub offers fabulous “out-of-the-box” functionalities. However, there are still quite some implementation steps and configurations to be executed. We can help you with the implementation of the Content Hub to ensure that it perfectly fits your case and requirements. We will help you manage the project from A to Z.


When you start using the Sitecore Content Hub, there is already a lot of content available in your company. This content can either be in an existing DAM system or spread across different applications or storage. It is crucial to centralise this content as soon as possible without losing any data or quality. We can assist you in migrating this data efficiently and comprehensively.


We have helped many of the different Content Hub customers complete their upgrade procedures throughout the successive and different versions. This task is not limited to upgrading the product itself, and you have to consider that you might have to update or improve additional functionalities, such as the Azure functions or external page components.
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Sitecore boasts a composable strategy for the future, ensuring that integration with other applications never proves problematic. We can help you to set up all these connections, ranging from an Adobe Creative Suite integration – which allows you to easily import your newly created content – to publishing your content on social media in an automated fashion.


While the Sitecore Content Hub is brimming over with capabilities, there are often very specific requirements for your use case. We make sure that this functionality is added to your application, for example by creating Azure functions to distribute content, or even by designing specific missing custom tooling to complete your content lifecycle.


After the initial implementation of the Sitecore Content Hub, you might encounter performance, security, or other issues. Missing information at the start of your product utilization, taxonomy setup, or insufficient technical knowledge of the Content Hub are possible causes. Digital Herd can help you analyze these issues, propose the different options and implement these to make sure that you have the best possible experience with your Sitecore Content Hub.

Integration and Extension examples

We constantly monitor new possibilities to improve, extend and integrate the Sitecore Content Hub. You can already look at a few short demo videos, but don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a more extensive demo and explanation of these functionalities.

Stable diffusion

Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing for Digital Asset Management enthusiasts. However, you must ensure it is valuable and ready to use. This is definitely the case with our Stable Diffusion integration. This allows you to generate additional content or quickly improve existing ones, for example, by removing items from an image or replacing them with more fitting ones.

Social Media Integration

We have integrated with Hootsuite and Ayrshare, but this is possible with other social media platform solutions as well. This allows you to create, approve and publish your social content from the Sitecore Content Hub. Next to that, it is essential to understand your content valuation. With this integration, we also push back the channel metrics, such as views or likes, to better know your most valuable content.

Google Vision

Sitecore Content Hub already integrates with Azure Cognitive Services for AI tagging. This automated tagging will reduce your DAM librarian’s manual effort and facilitate searching for content.
In this case, we wanted to show that this integration can easily be extended with other AI software, like Google Vision.
We want to offer you the flexibility of selecting the best match for your AI needs, as the results can vary from sector to sector between these offerings.

Asset Archival

Excellent searchability is one of the critical requirements that users look for in a DAM. Therefore, keeping only relevant and valuable content available in your Sitecore Content Hub is essential.
We have extended our demo environment with an Amazon Lambda function that will archive an asset based on its expiration date and notify the relevant users in advance. We can easily host this extension on other cloud platforms, like Azure.

Static site generation

We have created an extension to automatically create a static website on top of the Experience Edge feature of the Sitecore Content Hub. This will distribute your assets and their data worldwide to ensure fast access to your global audience, saving them time and giving them a better experience. It is important to note that this is static content, which makes it easily crawlable to search engines and ensures a high paged ranking in the search results.

Our Tools

Digital Herd has many tools to help you analyze your Sitecore Content Hub and check if we can optimize it, help you upgrade to a new version, and much more. Even if you already have a partner, you might want an additional validation of your system - or you are a partner and could use some technical assistance.
Contact us at sales@digital-herd.com for more info!

Chrome extension

Download our free Chrome extension to help you with your daily work on the Sitecore Content Hub. It will save you much time by providing faster navigation within the application and API. On top of that, it has a powerful performance analysis tool to validate your setup.
Learn more about our Chrome extension!

Upgrade tooling

Digital Herd has a lot of experience upgrading customers, such as Hilton and Diageo. We have developed unique tools to speed up this process during this period, such as a unique upgrade approach to upgrading external components (from Knockout to React). We also created a unique upgrade tool to speed up the process for clients on older versions such as 2.x or 3.x.
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