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About us

In our herd, we take everyone with us. We are well attuned to each other, and everyone has their task. We make sure that we get the best qualities of every one of us. This is why we called ourselves the digital Herd.

The Herd’s natural habitat

Our offices in Zellik/Brussels buzz with a comfortable vibe rhythmed by the tracks of Studio Brussel. When stress levels rise or concentration drops, we dive onto a sofa and grab the controller of our Nintendo Switch to play an extreme game of Mario Kart. There’s no better way to sharpen your senses! Every three months, the team takes off to blow out some steam… Anything goes as long as it’s fun: a nice dinner, a hectic VR game, a manic paintball session, or even a weekend abroad…

The advantage of having a trendy office in Zellik is its accessibility. Get on your bike and cycle from Brussels to the office via the bicycle highway or take a train; the station is under 100 meters away from the office. If you fancy coming by car, the E40 motorway exit is very close.

The muscle of the herd

We’re all young, but we boast considerable experience in Belgian companies and international corporations. This background has allowed us to learn to handle complex situations such as scalability, performance, and support while anticipating different time zones and local mentalities… We know that every customer – large or small – ultimately wants the same thing. And that is exactly what we offer at Digital Herd:

  • Clear communication
  • Transparency
  • A solution-oriented approach
  • Availability
  • Top quality

As we’ve all worked together for the greater part of our careers, we are perfectly attuned to one another… We strictly respect deadlines and won’t stop focusing until we delivered on our promises. In addition, we developed our Sitecore Content Hub from the ground up for our Sitecore implementations. Trust us. We’re familiar with every nook and cranny of the product and its endless potential.

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How the herd was won

Koen, Kristof, Stijn, Jasper, and Gert all worked together at Stylelabs for many years. Together, they witnessed the growth of the company from start-up to SME and eventually, to an internationally renowned company. While with Stylelabs, we worked with some world-class players such as The Coca Co. and P&G, which proved an invaluable experience.

We saw first-hand how to turn something small into a large, beautiful company and were inspired to create something that we could call ours. In 2019, we said goodbye to Stylelabs and created Digital Herd, eager and ready to write a beautiful story together.