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Do you need a solution supporting your marketing operations? Digital Herd builds your software solution according to your needs and specifications. Rest assured, our herd will create your solution from A to Z: from concept to development and implementation.

Our methodology


We want to grasp exactly what our customers need. Throughout the analysis phase, we identify the project’s requirements. This process, which involves the whole team and the client, allows for constant feedback. Because we work in an agile manner, the analysis phase isn’t over before the project is complete.
Brainstorming sessions spur novel ideas and insights into the problem at hand. We team up to identify solutions for your issues.
Interviews, user stories, and process and data flows lead to a comprehensive set of functional specifications.
Based on your specifications, our expert software architects design the best possible architecture for your application or platform.
Wireframes and mock-ups of the application enable clear communication and early feedback.
Key Performance Indicators give you clear insights into the data generated by your application. Use statistics and machine learning to generate accurate predictions about your business.


We build and program the software, test everything, and frequently ask you for feedback. In this way, we can swiftly respond to any changes in your requirements.
Agile Development
During the development lifecycle, requirements & solutions constantly evolve. A well-organized, yet adaptive approach, helps us deliver solutions in the agreed timeframe.
A well-designed solution perfectly integrates inside existing applications & platforms.
We are obsessed with quality. Automated testing helps us to build high-quality software.


We make our software available to you. Modern applications are often hosted in the cloud and are made up of multiple components (front-end, back-end, databases). Moreover, clients frequently exploit various environments for development, testing, and production. In the delivery phase, we set up each of these components.
Our extensive experience with various cloud hosting platforms allows us to deliver the solution either on-site or in the cloud.
Knowledge transfer constitutes a vital part of the delivery process. We make sure that all involved parties are properly trained to get the most out of the implemented solution.
There is no such thing as a foolish question. Our team remains at your disposal for every question after delivery.

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