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Upgrading the Sitecore Content Hub

We have helped many of the different Content Hub customers complete their upgrade procedures throughout the successive and different versions. This task is not limited to upgrading the product itself, and you have to consider that you might have to update or improve additional functionalities, such as the Azure functions or external page components.

Upgrading to 4.2+

When upgrading the Sitecore Content Hub to 4.2 or a later version, there is a crucial point to remember. Starting in 4.2, the external components will be coded in React, migrating away from Knockout. This will improve the performance of these components and their pages.

What does this mean for you?

You can upgrade even if you don't migrate your components to React. However, it could impact your performance. Also, these components might not be supported in the future, and migration must be done then.

We suggest you migrate all the supported components as soon as possible to improve your performance and have standard upgrades from then on.

How can we help?

Digital Herd has several tools to analyze the current status of your Sitecore Content Hub and the required effort of migrating your external components. We can provide you with the best advice on your upgrade path based on the results. We have upgraded five major customers, such as Hilton and GMI, to the latest 4.2 version in the past year. These upgrades gave us a lot of additional knowledge, insights, and experience in the process.

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